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January 29, 2013
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Twilight Guilliman by JBoden Twilight Guilliman by JBoden
I hope that MLP and Warhammer 40k crossovers are still popular, because this one took forever to finish! I actually did something similiar to this around a year ago on another account, but I did the MLP cast as the Primarchs(or "Ponyarchs", as I called them!) and they were anthro. Some of you might remember it ^^ It was so fun last year so I'm considering doing something like it again, depending on the feedback on this one, but the MLP cast will be featured as the Primarch's daughters instead compared to last time. Oh, and they will all be human this time around!

I'm thinking of adding some backstory to the characters and their images, this one for example takes place on Macragge during a Tyranid invasion, but that also depends on if people thinks it's worth it and want it :)

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this one!
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Trixie of Equestria. You may consider the following. One: I entirely withdraw my previous offer of solemn ceasefire. It is cancelled, and will not be made again, to you or to any other of your motherless bastards. Two: you are no longer any sister of mine. I will find you, I will kill you, and I will hurl your toxic corpse into Taratus's mouth!
But calth falls either way...
The Empress Protects.
Konrax Jun 30, 2013  Student General Artist
and for some reason I wanted to say "And Luna defends"

God, I've been reading too much Fallout Equestria
Malcho1234 Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Humanized pony female Space Marine... That should count as Heresy..

And the fact that she's smokin' hot makes it Extra Heretical... XD
I think it counts as heresy ;) Oh yes! :D
Malcho1234 Apr 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
With a hint of Promotions! :D
RaenBoow Feb 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
:iconclappingplz: A Deathbringing Horseshoe? :D Mega :thumbsup::thumbsup: The only thing that bugs me a little is her horn. It doesn't look exactly right... It looks like it is bent a bit too much to her left side (I'm being nitpicky but w/e :XD:).

I didn't know what those latin words meant at first but having "The Faithful Student" emblemed on her gun - IN LATIN - ...why does that raise the awesomebar so much!? xD Latin always does that when fighting demonic creatures :D Monks with their heads in books suddenly kicking some demons ass; Could anything get more badass than that?

And that connects so well with the thing I love the most with this whole concept (executed stunningly good): The former librarian Twilight in a warhammer armor fighting flying demons with a custom gun - AND holding close to her book!

Would Twilight ever need using her other arm? Unacceptable. :iconmiradasparkleplz: Dropping the book is not an option! That's why I can picture her, fending of and endless army of ... whatever those flying things are..., with a superior grace. I bet some of her scars could have been hindered if she used her other arm (but as I stated/guessed before - never an option).

I almost crave to see her encountering a bit too massive group of demons flying towards her.... :heart:

With stable pupils she calculates almost instantly their numbers and her chance of succeeding without using the magic contained within her book. A choice is made.

The book flicks open on her desired page while she directs her gun at the rapidly closing horde. The demons are not given the privilegium of her full attention anymore since she takes a swift but yet calm and lasting glance at the words in her book, which she uses to enchant her gun and the oncoming shot. Her eyes starts emitting a majestic and pure purple glow, which the book answers with a more redish purpur tentaclelike fire. As she continues the chanting of the words and turns her head back at the massive onslaught approaching her, her gun attracts the purpur flames. The gun starts sucking the energy from within the texts and consuming them with a near frightening amount of lust and greed, like a starved roaring bearlion or a bearshark or a sharklion or something equally fierce...

A few seconds later it is nearly trembling with excitement and murderous intent, like if it was alive and only desired to spread death and carnage on whatevers infront of it. The word "Discipulus" burns up and changes into "Interficientis". Twilight holds a stonecold expression, empty of any sign of love and forgivness, while she fires a big hellish lightball.

As the lightball flies towards the fray of enemies as it growns in size in an ever quicker pace. Violent lightning bolts arcs out from it, almost like they are trying to grab anything nearby. The ball gets too excited when it notices the large amount of inviting flesh infront of it. It begins it's next sequence a bit too soon. It transform into a mad, almost laughing mouthshaped eyeless head, looking like it was sent from the deep reaches of the most twisted of nightmares.

It gapes wideopen while stretching its lower jaw to a proportion 4 times its size, and speeds up. More than half of the demons in the air vanishes into its large gap. No trace are left of them. The ones who merely has parts of their bodies in reach gets brutally sliced of and lets the red energy, that got in contact with its body, crawl and multiply until it slices the rest of the body up in a pile of hovering blood.

Twilight closes her book while the creepy satisfied bulletdemon flies on and evaporates in the air, behind the now scattered group of hellspawns. Her gun grows still and the words on it changes back.

Twilight finishes the rest of with no sweat at all. :iconrdfuckyeaplz:
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